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Question 1
Which word has letter k silent?
A. SinkB. King
C. KnowD. Beak
Question 2
Which word has letter h silent?
A. HourB. Hot
C. HelloD. Hammer
Question 3
Which words has letter k silent?
A. KitB. Kick
C. SkiD. Knob
Question 4
Which word has letter h silent?
A. HeatB. Honest
C. HillD. Ham
Question 5
Which word has letter b silent?
A. BillB. Boy
C. DebtD. Bulb
Question 6
Which word has letter l silent?
A. TalkB. Tale
C. TallD. Tell
Question 7
Which word has letter t silent?
A. MeltB. Often
C. FeltD. Hurt
Question 8
Which word has letter w silent?
A. WhenB. Where
C. WhatD. Whole
Question 9
Which word has letter e silent?
A. TellB. Eagle
C. PirateD. Egg
Question 10
Which word has letter l silent?
A. TalkB. Walk
C. FolkD. All of the above
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