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Question 1
How do generations survive in unfavorable environment?
A. They adapt to the surroundings.B. They change the environment.
C. They experiment.D. They hibernate.
Question 2
Which of the following characteristics helps sea animals live in water?
A. Smooth skinB. Tail for swimming
C. Gills and FinsD. All of the above
Question 3
Change in body shape of an animal to survive is called ____________.
A. shape adaptationB. mechanical adaptation
C. physical adaptationD. behavioral adaptation
Question 4
Learning a new trick to survive is a kind of ____________.
A. shape adaptationB. smart adaptation
C. physical adaptationD. behavioral adaptation
Question 5
What is the behavior that is inborn in an animal?
A. Learned behaviorB. Inherited behavior
C. StyleD. Characteristics
Question 6
What type of adaptation is where an insect's body looks like its surrounding?
A. SurvivalB. Mutation
C. CamouflageD. Instinct
Question 7
What type of adaptation is where one animal imitates the traits of another animal?
A. ReflexB. Camouflage
C. InstinctD. Mimicry
Question 8
What is the function of giraffe's large neck?
A. It helps them eat grass on the ground.B. It helps them reach leaves on tall trees.
C. It stores water.D. It make them look tall.
Question 9
____________ is an inherited behavior that does not need thinking before using it.
A. InstinctB. Mimicry
C. UnderstandingD. Blending
Question 10
The behavior that is not inborn and acquired through experience is called ___________.
A. ReflexB. Instinct
C. Learned behaviorD. Inherited behavior
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