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Question 1
Plants that have tube like structure inside their stems are called ____________ plants.
A. Non vascularB. Vascular
C. TublerD. Green
Question 2
What is the main function of tube like structure of a vascular plant?
A. It provides water and mineral from ground to the whole plant.B. It provides water and mineral from air to the roots.
C. It produces carbon dioxide.D. It produces food.
Question 3
Why does a Non Vascular plant must live in a moist surroundings?
A. Moisture keeps them green.B. Moisture enhances their food making process.
C. Because it does not have a vascular system and cannot receive water from the ground.D. Because it does have a vascular system and cannot receive water from the air.
Question 4
Which of the following is a Vascular plant?
A. MossB. Maple tree
C. AlgaeD. Bacteria
Question 5
What are the two main components of a vascular system?
A. Seeds and StemsB. Flower and Roots
C. Roots and WaterD. Roots and Stems
Question 6
What is the outermost layer of a root or stem?
A. EpidermisB. Cortex
C. XylemD. Nucleus
Question 7
Which layer is just inside the epidermis of a root or a stem?
A. Root capB. Mitochondrion
C. CortexD. Xylem
Question 8
Which tissues provide the flow of the water in a root or stem?
A. PhloemB. Xylem
C. SoftD. Root
Question 9
What is at the end of a root?
A. Root guardB. Root cap
C. Root hairD. Plastic cap
Question 10
Which tissues in roots and stems provide the flow of food made inside the leaves to all parts of a plant?
A. CambiumB. Cortex
C. XylemD. Phloem
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